Fun family road trip activities

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Fun Family Road Trip Activities

Brought to you by Crayola.

It’s holiday time again and next week, I’m taking my boys to visit a friend just a little way up the road, but long enough that my boys might start to get more than a bit restless. So I’ve been on the hunt for some things to take that will keep them happily occupied… especially Ned.

fun family road trip activities

Road Trip Activity. Number 1. 

I found the perfect thing. It’s my number one.  It’s a new Doodle Magic Travel Pack by Crayola, an all-in-one activity that lets kids draw and then, like magic, rub out their drawing and start again. When it is all folded up nice and neat, it even has a little carry handle in the design so Ned can carry it like a bag. It’s the perfect size too… not much bigger than an i-pad and definitely small enough to take with you in a car, or plane, or bus, or train or into a restaurant.  It’s a DOING activity, as opposed to a ‘watching’ activity, which to me is gold. It would also be a fun tool to use with the kids in hotel rooms and camping tents to play games such as noughts and crosses, collect-a-box (the one where you add a line and try to make a square to claim as your own token), or even writing practice, or treasure hunts.

(We even took it to the doctor when Jack needed to visit last week and Ned played with it quietly in the waiting room. Ahhh, Mama breathes a sigh of relief! )

It reminds me of the magna-doodle thing Henri had at age 3 when we travelled around Australia in the old kombi wombi, but way more practical and versatile. It’s soft for one, and flexible, meaning you do have more ability to pop it in your carry bag without the frame breaking. And it has COLOURED marker pens. Only 3, but that’s a start. The purple and green work well, but the orange one is a bit faint for my liking. And of course, I’d love a red marker too. In fact, a rainbow of coloured markers would be even better!

But it is the ‘magic’ wiper that wins most points for me. It’s like inviting your child to become a master magician, and my word, Ned has been all too happy to show the neighbourhood kids his new ability to ‘wipe’ the board clean with just one sweep of his magic wand. It’s as good as new. And fun to boot!


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Road Trip Activity. Number 2. 

Audio CD’s. How wonderful it is to listen to the stories from my childhood once again, as actors with glossy voices such as Kate Winslet or Stephen Fry read “The Magic Faraway Tree” or “Harry Potter”. I think I am whisked away to the land of imagination just as much as my kids. I’m also a big fan of Mullumbimby storyteller Jenny Cargill-Strong, who recently released a new story CD, Reaching for the Moon, for children aged 4-9. Ned was given a copy for his birthday by his friend Elke, and so we plan on taking it with us in the car too. I can’t wait to be transported… in more ways than one.


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Road Trip Activity. Number 3.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s my SPOT THE ROAD SIGN game, complete with printable activity cards. It’s a guaranteed time-passer.  Don’t forget to check out my Games for Car Trips post too. There’s a whole bunch (10!) of fun activities you might find useful this holidays.

Tell me your favourite fun family road trip activities too!




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