New Farm Park children’s adventure playground, Brisbane

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Last week, on a day that threatened rain, we took the chance and a group of Moondew families traipsed up to Brisbane.  (It had been a while in the planning, and we kept getting rained, or flooded, out!)
For the children, the big thrill was in catching both the train AND a ferry boat down the river.
Gold Coast children don’t get to do that here, so it is actually great fun.
But for us mamas, the thrill was in finding the secret squirrel park hidden in amongst the Moreton Bay Figs.
I may have written about it before, I can’t really remember, but the park has had a big facelift since I last went, and oh, my, it is splendid.







Music and mayhem.


Dominika and Justin just couldn’t resist these self-spinning roundabouts!
Big kids we all are at heart.


I love this park, and the trees are the real reason.
Whilst sadly, the eerie misty darkness of years ago has somewhat dissipated, due to a nicely done new development out the back, the park does feel a whole lot healthier and safer too.
The trees remain, and I love that, no matter how wonderful the park accoutrements, the trees still claim the most attention.  Especially the bit where the children can find hidey holes and the way to slide out along this long, supported branch.


This new fangled climbing net is pretty peachy too!


and who can not but love, a magical dragon?
His split egg shells lay hidden around.
Perhaps offspring hide amongst the trees?
One hopes they are friendly!
New Farm Park is located at the very end of 1030 Brunswick Street, New Farm.
The playground is but one feature. You might also like to visit to see over 200 jacaranda trees in full bloom (late October/early November), the rotunda or to ride the many bike paths along the river.  There is one of those new cycle-hire stations just near the ferry entrance too.
The Powerhouse Museum is here too.

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