Perth Zoo, admission prices and opening hours

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The smartest thing we did when we entered the Perth Zoo was hiring a tow wagon (approximately $15 I recall.)  We actually weren’t very smart at all and walked right by, but just a few minutes up the small incline and we realised it would be a worthy investment indeed for our little boy so we backtracked and paid up.  Yes, smartest decision that day.

One very happy boy in his hire wagon.



The Perth Zoo is located just five minutes from the CBD and you’ll need at least a half day to see all the wonders of the place. How to get there.  And amazingly, it is open 9-5pm EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR!  Truly.
Adult entrance fees are $22.50 AU and children 4-16 are just $11.30 so it is more than affordable.  Check the website for all other discounts and deals.


For those on a budget or who have special dietary requirements, you are allowed to bring food into the zoo although there is a cafe on site too for those who prefer.  There are free bbq’s available also.

And for those of you with toddlers or young children like Ned, there is a playground in the centre of the zoo that is just perfect for helping them to run off a little steam!  Isn’t is amazing that a simple playground can be a godsend when travelling with kids?

And so our adventure began.

Ned loved the orangutans. And I think they loved him as well.



We watched the elephants have their daily bath and roll in the mud, and saw animals from all corners of the world.  I won’t spoil it for you though. I’d rather encourage you to take your own adventure!


A lovely zoo, it was more than worthy of our time and adventurous spirits.  The settings and enclosures remain true to the wild as much as possible, and we enjoyed the shaded leafy walk around the park.

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  1. Amber Greene

    It was a special moment for sure! How lucky was Ned? We had the spot to ourselves with the female chimp for ages too…

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