The All-Abilities Playground at Broadbeach

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Our local council continues to invest in new playgrounds.
Gosh, how I love this council and what they are doing for ‘community’.
Yeah ha!
Today, I met some friends at the new All-Abilities playground next to Kurrawa Surfclub.
(For those of you planning a Gold Coast holiday, Kurrawa Surfclub is beachside in front of the Oasis Shopping Centre- 500 metres north of Pac Fair or across from the Casino. Very easy to find!)
I love the slide area pictured above.
Covering a natural hill with that ground up rubber tyre stuff, they have made hand-holds and foot-holds and boulders for the children to climb, but mostly the children just love to run up the steep rubber walls.
Me too!
There are two long old-fashioned metal slides cascading down (thankfully under cover, preventing burned bums!), and a great net climb next door.
There is a spider swing, (the seat is made up of webbed bandaging net) that goes around and around, or side to side, and really fast!  Five children can hop on at once.
A sea themed maze
Two flying foxes that end with a woo hoo!
and more!
A three seater carousel, a wobbling picnic table and chairs ride, swings, bikepaths, sensory walk, and a giant sandpit area still to come!
There are toilets inside the park, the massive area is fully fenced and you can see your children from just about anywhere you stand.
Someone was thinking!!
(or perhaps that clever friend thought to ask a few mother and father mates what they’d like to see in a park.)
Whatever happened, they got it right!
Our three had a wonderful time!
And so did we.
Have you got any fab playgrounds near you?
Pictures or posts about your adventures, no matter where in the world you are???
Why not share a link here?
I’d love to see what your creative types plan for your little treasures!

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  1. Anonymous

    Your nephew helped design that park as part of his grade 3 curriculum unit. So the local council actually asked local kids what they needed in a park, and their input was highly valued and incorporated. Will fill you in more when i see you. C xx

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