The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich Queensland

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This past weekend, my mum and dad and I took Ned to see the Miniature Model Railways exhibition at the Ipswich Workshops Rail Museum.  There were special activities on offer to support the model trains displays including hammering and construction tables, books and puzzles, a miniature ride-on steam train and a Bob the Builder Show.  And then there was the museum itself.


I fell in love with the old time carriages. My, how elegant. Leather seats, coat racks, pegs to hang your hats on- even personalised seating.  Comfortable too.  The uniforms from the era were on display too.  Ah, I’m partial to a little nostalgia but we’ve definitely lost something in the art of service.  Wouldn’t it be grand to travel a distance in a carriage like this?


This is the old tea service.
And the children could recreate a meal for their ‘guests’ in the dining car.  There were aprons and hats for them to wear, a kitchen and pretend food too.




There was also a fun hands-on playground for the young ones. Brilliant!










And of course, the model trains themselves.







And no day could be complete without a play in the sandpit with big big trucks!  Oh, I LOVE places that provide sandpits and big trucks.  A place like this just makes Ned’s day!

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  1. Allana

    Oh WOW! What a fantastic and magical family place that is! We love our local railway but yours takes the cake :)

  2. Amber Greene

    It is cool, isn’t it. I couldn’t believe the SIZE of the place. Massive!!! And they have heaps of theme days too. Santa is coming soon. The steam train Sundays leave from here too.

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