How to make your own excavator toy for the sandpit

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You simply go to mum’s kitchen drawer and pull out that thing you’ve seen her use once or twice to grate cheese.

And then you tell Mum not to come into the sandpit, because you really haven’t got anything from the kitchen at all.
So cute, I couldn’t stop laughing!
Have your children done this?
Creativity at best.
What did they transform to make something they needed???

3 Responses to “How to make your own excavator toy for the sandpit”

  1. Nina

    well today he used the salad grabbers (as he calls them) to get something down off the shelf. and it is very funny when he is doing something he knows he should not, he tells me “don’t come out” or “don’t look at me” and if its really bad (like trying to ride the dog like a horse) he shuts the door…like I won’t notice or something…

  2. Amber Greene

    Funny aren’t they! Yes, our salad servers are used as tools too. They learn from a young age that they can circle around our rules if they are out of sight, or so they think!

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