A last-minute handmade gift idea for Mother’s Day

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I’ve been slightly preoccupied and hands-tied these past few weeks with baby Jack and to be honest, Mother’s Day had almost slipped my mind…until yesterday. I thought there might be some other women out there like me! So, inspired by my friend Carrie’s 2012 crafternoon tutorial, I came up with this simple flower vase craft.  You have time to make some too!

jar vases with flowers

(The best thing about these is that children, supervised by Dad or another adult, are quite capable of making these for you- just give someone the hint to check out this how-to, and wait to see what you’ll unwrap!)  BYO flowers of course.

nectar bottles

You’ll need some pretty little glass jars. These ones are the peach nectar juice bottles sold in packs of six in Woolworths supermarkets. (The juice is delicious too.) Find them, or something similar, in the continental section where you buy exotic pastas, biscuits, and other imported gourmet goodies. Wash and dry them in preparation for crafting.

put glue on glass


Use a glue stick to run a narrow line of glue around the circumference of the bottle, about midway down the flat section.

wrap jar in tissue paper

Cut a 4.5 cm wide strip of tissue paper in your favourite colour.  The paper needs to be long enough to wrap the bottle and overlap by 2cm. Be sure to keep it as crease-free as possible. Wrap it around the bottle. The glue will keep it in place. Use a tiny dab of glue to seal the edge closed.

border punch

Choose a pretty piece of scrapbook paper about 3.5 cm wide and long enough to wrap the bottle. Use a pretty border punch (your favourite pattern) to decorate the long edges as shown.  This border punch is from Stampin’ Up.

wrap jar with fancy paper


Wrap this around the bottle over the tissue paper and add a dab of glue to secure the overlap piece in place.

wrap jar with string

Take a 30 cm piece of your favourite fine ribbon, or baker’s twine, and wrap it multiple times around the paper.  Knot it tightly in place.

paper wrapped nectar jar vases

Interior stylists often suggest the ‘rule of three’ and in this case, it definitely works, especially with a mix and match theme in the same colour palette.

jar vases with flowers

Time to add your favourite flowers.  Wow, talk about a colour POP!  My favourite combination- I love it.

Hopefully, the mums in your family will too…

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