A no-frills cheap Christmas or birthday gift for young children

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In this month of Christmas excess, I was reminded that sometimes the most simple of things, in this case a whole bunch of pegs from the peg basket, can be the best gift ever.
Playing with pegs!
Who’d have thought a pack of pegs could ever be such fodder for children’s creativity?
Ned and his little friend spent at least an hour making dinosaurs, crocodiles, mountains and little houses too.
Why not pop a pack of (wooden or colourful plastic) pegs into their Christmas stocking and see what your children come up with?

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  1. Anonymous

    We had a water fight yesterday with hundreds of balloons with the kids on our street, and I was thinking a super cool no-frills cheap gift would be to leave a big container of pre-filled balloons of water on someone’s door step for them to find. Who could refuse that invitation to fun? Fliss

  2. Adam Gunnis

    Sometimes it really is the simple things that are the best. For Christmas this year my wonderful mother collected up six month’s worth of milk-bottle lids and some simple paper cups, and gave them in a festive cloth bag to my niece of 13 months. She is continually fascinated with the colours, the sizes, how they stack and store. Everything has a second use, and in this case something so simple and often disposed of without thought has been given new life and meaning.


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