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In my quest for everyday elegance, I’m often thinking about and searching for stylish gifts to give.
Things that are both beautiful and practical, but that most importantly take note of the personality quirks and traits of the receiver.  I love the idea of ‘it’s the thought that counts’ when it comes to gift giving but there is a big difference between thoughtful gifts and thoughtless ones, don’t you think?
In my favourite movie, “While you were sleeping” this idea of perfect gifting comes up twice.
Lucy’s (Sandra Bullock) mother gave her dad ‘the world’.  
“Actually, it was a globe with a light in it but for the romantic he was, 
it might as well have been the world”
And later in the film, the man she loves gives her the perfect gift too- a snow globe of Florence, the place Lucy most wishes to visit.
I’m a die-hard nostalgic romantic and I can’t help but be won over by this sensitive and elegant gift giving.
My friend Mari gave me a perfect gift.
On her return from Japan, she brought me a set of three origami silk paper bookmarks.  Simple- yes but perfect, definitely.  For I’m the kind of girl that has at least 10 books and magazines on the go at any one time and bookmarks are not just pretty accessories around here. They are necessities.
In the book I’ve been reading these past few weeks, The Dressing Table , Clare Press makes a list of ‘Adorable Presents to Give’.  I have new elegant inspiration, and I will approach my favourite markets, garage sales, car boots and antique stores with fresh eyes as I fossick for perfect gifts for family and friends.  Surely, everyone and anyone would love these things too.
Here are my favourites from her comprehensive list….
(To read the others, you’ll have to buy the book. A worthy investment for anyone seeking elegance in daily living. I LOVE this book)
Thick creamy writing paper with tissue-lined envelopes
A dressing table hand mirror
A bone china teacup and saucer
Six old bone-handled butter knives wrapped in brown paper
Delicious smelling room spray
Turkish delight
I’d add:
A personalised wax seal and a stick of envelope sealing wax
An exquisite silver parker pen, inscribed with a perfect quote
One simple silver bangle
A locket on a silver chain, filled with a photo of friend’s children
A Country Road duffle bag in their favourite colour. Seriously, this bag is just perfect for weekend travel.
What is your idea of a Perfect Gift? 

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