Humorous Handmade Cards for a humorous wedding gift

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When Chris and I married 4 years ago, his family game him a gift.
Inside a large box were a selection of things he’d need for married life.
Many of these were things to help keep ‘the wife’ happy (!)
It was creativity like I’ve never seen before….
There were  ’just-in-case’ gifts (a fancy nightie or a booklet of coupons for massages and time outs), a set of boxed hankies (like his mum said, you never know when you’re going to need one), foot deodorant spray for those less-than-sweet-smelling shoes, a bunch of pink plastic flowers for those times when only flowers will do, and two sets of handmade cards…
The other day, as I began packing up this house in preparation for our move, I found them.
The first set were ‘to help you apologise’.
These are some of the messages inside:
It’s all my fault…
You are such a wise person…I should always follow your example
You are so right….concrete mixers should not be started before 8am.
I’m so sorry…. You always know better than me
I was wrong… I will try to do better
You are my inspiration… My world is better because you are in it
Even though it is the world’s biggest suck up, I’d be pretty chuffed if my husband gave me one of these after an argument where I had clearly won!   Hilarious, don’t you think?
But my favourite one is this..
1. Rock walls are not the most important thing….
2. Rock walls are not the most important thing
3. Rock walls are not the most important thing.
(If you visit my house and see the amount of hand carved rock wall, this will make even more sense!)
The second set were ‘for when the hole you are in is soooooo deep’.
Small, yellow notecards with fancy edging and plenty of shiny sequins to boot!
Your love is what keeps me alive
You smell as fresh as a rose in spring
You are the light of my life
Your eyes are as dazzling as the stars in the night sky
You are as precious as the dawn of the new day
You are as amazing as a rainbow after the rain
Well, you’d certainly be dazzling if your husband handed you one of these, especially if it came with a voucher for a pedicure.  I love it.
Thank you, Leisl and Steph.
Your love for your brother, and your humour,  shines through your creative work.
Have you or your family ever received a funny gift like this?
What was it???

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  1. Rhiannon

    I have never seen a present like this, It is such a clever Idea! Will definitely be keeping it in mind, thankyou! xxx

  2. Amber Greene

    Hi Rhiannon, funny isn’t it. Could be transformed into many different things too.. for birthdays, for baby showers and hens nights… ooh, gets me thinking!

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