Host a Car Party for toddlers and preschoolers

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Well, if you are going to host a car party, you need cars!
Small market boxes for fruit and vegetables are sturdy things and just the right size.
I covered them in brown wrapping paper, and added two long ribbon strings so the children could ‘carry’ their cars as they walk.
Paper plates were attached with ‘brads’  (push pins, from any good scrapbooking store) which meant the wheels could really turn!
For a simple embellishment, I added a number plate and two ‘lights’, but then it was up to the children to personalise their cars on the day.


Now, if you have cars, it makes sense to take them on a big journey!  And no car journey would be complete without a few fun stops.
A little preparation is needed for that!



Each child was given a personalised handstamped brown paper bag, with handles, so they could carry their ‘purchases’ as they shopped.


They also collected their own bank card so they could pop into the bank to withdraw a ready stash of cash for their adventures.




Firstly, the children decorated their cars, with stickers, glitter and crayons.
Mum and Dad and older siblings helped.


And then, it was nearly time to go!


The drivers followed a (chalk-outlined) road and made stops at all the different shops along the way.
First up, was the Fruit Shop.


Here, children collected a selection of freshly cut fruit for a yummy picnic lunch.



They then stopped at the Milk Bar (takeaway shop) to collect a drink.
(The drinks were gorgeous tiny bottles of chilled pear or apricot nectar, from the continental section of Woolworths, for those who were wanting to know!)
The children also made their own ‘car straw’.
(Visit MamaMoontime tomorrow for a how-to make these at home)



Then it was off to ‘Subway’ to collect their salad wraps.
(Vegetarian, or ham and salad, chilled on a bag of frozen peas!)
Yum!   We had a lovely bunch of older sibling shopkeepers that day.
Really nice and friendly they were too!


The children popped in for petrol, and were given a little parcel treat too.
(Inside each bag was a little Matchbox car, chosen by Ned. A lovely addition or substitute to a ‘lolly bag’)


Then the tired drivers stopped for a delightful picnic in the sun.
Their companions on the journey ate fresh sandwiches from the house kitchen!


After refreshments, it was time to visit the bakery for a sweet treat!


Birthday Cake.
Keeping with the car theme, I made a racetrack with cupcake race-cars.



(Car cupcakes inspired by Creative Homemaking )



Obviously, very yummy!
(But we adults had our own special treat- a lemon cheese tart with a meringue topping.
Recipe will be posted this week.  Truly scrumptious!)


The last two stops were the most important, of course.
After a very healthy lunch, it was time for some party treats.
The IceCream Shop and the Lolly Pop Shop.


My two wonderful helpers, Sarah and Holly, handed out yogurt pops and lolly cups to the sheer delight of the children.
I’d really like to thank those two girls.
They were so excited to help, (they did a few fashion parades at home the night before to plan their outfits!!) and drew the chalk road, made the bankcards, and helped me to set it all up.
I couldn’t have done it on time without them!  Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who came along, and to Cindi for the pics!
What a wonderful, tear-free, gathering of lovely children and like-minded parents.
You made Ned’s day!
(and mine)
And thank you for all his lovely gifts.  He was really spoiled!

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  1. Amber Greene

    I know Nat. I am always behind the camera! I’m having my photographer Meg take some new shots soon!
    The kids loved it, and were totally well behaved and awesome!!! I love when they are kept moving along, and included by the nature of the party with no need for political correctness in taking turns etc. It was really good fun, and I needed a big nap afterwards!!

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