Novelty car-shaped drinking straw DIY tutorial

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Here is the template.
You need the car body, the car wheels (cut 2) and the car windows (cut 2).
Plus 2 brads (pushpins), a needle or pin, a stanley knife, a glue stick, a chopping board, and of course, a straw.
Firstly, glue on the windows.
Then use the needle/pin to poke a hole through the centre of each wheel.
Then poke a hole through the cardboard to indicate where you want the wheels to be placed.
(Pre-cut holes make pushing the brad through the card so much easier, and prevents the card from tearing)
Push the brad through the wheel and attach it to the car body.
Repeat for the second wheel.
Use the knife to cut two horizontal lines across the ‘windows’ of the car.
Turn the car over and thread the straw through, as shown.
Here is the novelty car straw in action!
You could do the same with any kind of motif or theme.
Adjust to suit.
Happy vroom, vrooming!

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