How to Make Wine Glass Charms with FIMO Modelling Clay

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how to make wine glass charms glass

How to make wine glass charms for Christmas Party cheer! Project 23 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting. Now, this Christmas craft is specially for us big people, although this craft could also be used to personalise and identify children’s mugs for school or kindy too by just coming up with an appropriate design. Or one for each child’s dinnertime…

Home Office Organisation Ideas Using Fun Painted Stones

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Home Office organisation ideas

Project #28: Home Office Organisation Ideas Paint a set of ‘jobs to do’ nature stones Time: An hour or less. Time-saving? Endless. Difficulty: Quick, easy and cheerful.   My office is ALWAYS in need of organisation. I’m someone who puts things in piles. But while I know what is in the pile at that moment, I quickly forget.  So many…

How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark

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how to make felt flowers

Project #22: How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Making flowers is lovely fun!   I needed a new bookmark, and inspired by the twistie rope that keeps the communication book at Ned’s preschool open for us to read and write in, I thought I’d make a flower inspired one. I learned how to make felt flowers…

Craft Rooms and Office Space Organisation

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craft rooms

  Craft Rooms and Home Office Space: my top practical tips for organisation Making better use of my space, and in particular my office/craft rooms, has been my goal for the past few weeks. When baby Jack came along, it just did not feel right to be taking him into my craft/office space but I still needed to work and…

21. Good parenting tools: crafty props

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good parenting

30 DAYS of AWESOME PARENTING  (read about the adventure here) Tip 21: Good parenting tools: crafty props I’ve spent years looking for good parenting ‘tools’ but the one I have found to be most effective BY FAR is to use a crafty prop. This is kind of lucky for me as I LOVE crafts!  But anyone with two hands, two eyes,…

Make a set of drawing mats for artistic fun at home

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    One of the things I hear most often from parents when we are talking about providing artistic or creative fun activities for our children at home is concern or annoyance at the mess that usually comes too.  While we might have good intentions and really want to support and encourage our children’s artistic prowess, sometimes it all just…

Toadstool Hair Clip Holder: A how-to tutorial

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I love a practical craft and this one is super cute too. A toadstool hair clip holder to keep all those itty bitty hairclips in one spot. And it gets better than that too.  The toadstool spots can hold rings or small bits of jewellery. Cute and practical.  It’s a winner. To make one, you’ll need to cut out a…

Felt on Canvas Wall Art DIY Tutorial

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(Felt on Canvas Wall Art DIY tutorial below) We’ve just moved into a rental house. I haven’t lived in a rental house since I was 25 when I bought my first little brick and tile house back when houses cost $120,000.  (I remember at the time thinking that was a LOT of money and almost choking when I had to…

Examples of Wool Fleece Pictures

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A little while ago, I hosted a Fleece Picture making workshop. I’d love to show you what the girls made. Too cute!           Sara’s one just sparkled! This photo does not do it justice at all.     I love the one that Lara did for her son D. Rockets.  Just so cool. And Sachiko’s watercolour…

Morning Star Crafts, a shop of silks and wool dyed using plant colours

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  Morning Star Crafts was one of the featured stalls at the conference. Elizabeth stocks a wide variety of natural and organic products, including items from the Weleda range, organic cotton facecloths (divine!), beeswax candles and books.   But the most beautiful things on her display and in her shop have to be the lovely PLANT dyed items.   My…

How to make your own simple bird feeder

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All you need is a pine cone, a long piece of ribbon or string, some peanut butter, and wild bird seed. Tie the ribbon around the centre stem of the pine cone, leaving two long ends free. Tie the ends together to make two loops, as shown, for hanging. Be sure to use some kind of tray as it is…

Magic by Mum, a new Steiner inspired shop for crafts and toys

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My friend Natalie has finally opened her craft shop online!  Here are the details…  “Well I have been talking about it for long enough, and I am finally ready to launch my little venture - Magic By Mum - and introduce my signature product range, theGuardian Dolls.  I’m very excited as they are a long awaited (by me anyway) addition and I have put a…

Re-thinking “Gifts” and “Giving” by Susan Perrow

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Rethinking “Gifts” and “Giving” An Article for Families by Susan Perrow (2010) Originally published in Kindling magazine. Kindly reprinted here with permission from the author. Susan’s website is Healing Through Stories In the yearly cycle of family life there can be many occasions for giving and receiving gifts – birthdays, cultural and religious festivals, house-warmings, welcomes and farewells, celebration of…