3 New Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags at Birthday Parties

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ideas for goodie bags

    3 New Creative Ideas for Treat Bags at Birthday Parties   Ever since I was little, it has been the done thing to go home from a party with a little bag of party favours or lollies. I actually don’t remember a time when it didn’t happen. But somewhere along the way, treat bags at birthday parties have…

A last-minute handmade gift idea for Mother’s Day

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jar vases with flowers

I’ve been slightly preoccupied and hands-tied these past few weeks with baby Jack and to be honest, Mother’s Day had almost slipped my mind…until yesterday. I thought there might be some other women out there like me! So, inspired by my friend Carrie’s 2012 crafternoon tutorial, I came up with this simple flower vase craft.  You have time to make…

Adorable and Elegant Gifts to Give

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In my quest for everyday elegance, I’m often thinking about and searching for stylish gifts to give. Things that are both beautiful and practical, but that most importantly take note of the personality quirks and traits of the receiver.  I love the idea of ‘it’s the thought that counts’ when it comes to gift giving but there is a big…

Handmade gift ideas: stitched felt frogs and autumn leaf boy

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How cute is this? The frogs were a gift to Ned for his birthday from his friend Keone, made by his mum Mari at the Silkwood Craft group.  I’m unsure of the designer of this pattern, but someone might like to let me know via the comments… He also received this gorgeous little Autumn leaf boy in the post. (Actually,…

How to make white clay personalised Christmas star decorations

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Inspired by the many ceramic stars I have been coveting (and purchasing!) this year, I wanted to make my own version for children I love. Wouldn’t you love to make some for your precious children too? All you need is a 500 gram packet of air dry clay in white colour, a set of alphabet letters, a stamp pad and…

16 fun, useful and good ideas for Teacher gifts or presents

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Teachers are one group of people who really need support and creative nourishment. As a former teacher, I can tell you that it can take WEEKS of mostly laying low, reading and resting to regenerate energy to step up to the plate for the next term.  Anything we can do as parents to help this process along is truly welcome…

Re-thinking “Gifts” and “Giving” by Susan Perrow

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Rethinking “Gifts” and “Giving” An Article for Families by Susan Perrow (2010) Originally published in Kindling magazine. Kindly reprinted here with permission from the author. Susan’s website is Healing Through Stories In the yearly cycle of family life there can be many occasions for giving and receiving gifts – birthdays, cultural and religious festivals, house-warmings, welcomes and farewells, celebration of…

More alternative ideas for Christmas gifts, parties and activities by Felicity St John

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My friend Felicity kindly shared with me this article that was published in the Friends of the Birth Centre newsletter 2009 and Special Delivery- Friends of the Birth Centre 2009.   I’m so excited to be able to republish it here for my MamaMoontime friends! She has some fantastic ideas! Enjoy! Creating a Sustainable Christmas by Felicity St John Ever notice how…

50 Alternatives to Gifting Toys for Presents

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Doesn’t it seem that children of today have so many toys? I try to pare it down, but no matter how much I do, there always seems to be too much. Is that true for you too? And with each Christmas, birthday, party invitation, celebration or day at the shops/op shops, more toys seem to appear. So, this Christmas I will…

What to do with ‘unwanted’ or impractical gifts for children

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A friend and I were chatting the other day about the difficulty of managing “unwanted” birthday gifts. No one likes to look a gift horse in the mouth of course, (we all love gifts!) but it can be difficult to receive things that compromise your family beliefs or desires. We were talking specifically about the challenge of presents for children. It…